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mimarizm.com / 24 Mayıs 2023
A|Z İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi’nin Ayşe Şentürer ve Belkıs Uluoğlu'nun misafir editörlüğünde hazırlanan “New Horizons” özel sayısına makale gönderimi için son tarih 31 Temmuz 2023.

Çağrı Metni

This special issue of A|Z will promote discussions, conjectures, and theorizations of cutting-edge research on architecture and architectural design. Areas of study will include, history, theory and criticism of architecture; architectural design theories and methods; and environmental, social, and cultural studies in architectural design.
During the last two decades, starting with the beginning of the second millennium, architectural studies turned their faces to a new paradigm denouncing theory, announcing that we have entered an innovative and intelligent design era and it is the end of theory. “After theory” discussions dismantled the theory studies in architecture for a long time. Now, people are happily declaring that it is back. It is back, yet in a different mood; critical, intellectual challenges have created a transdisciplinary and pluralistic medium for alternative theories to flourish. The Architectural Design unit of ITU has been one of the leading intelligentsia among design research groups; hence we feel the challenge to take the lead once more to commence a medium for deconstructing and reconstructing theory, with the theme “New Horizons" in architecture.

We are looking forward to receive works which involve fresh and unique ways of looking at longstanding issues of architecture, alternative approaches to architectural thinking and making, situated practices, specific knowledge in architectural design, and groundbreaking research; we will invite papers which specifically address issues that will shape the future.

Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Ayşe Şentürer, Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture
Prof. Dr. Belkıs Uluoğlu, Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture


Call for Special Issue: March 2023
Deadline for the submission of the articles: July 31st 2023
Double-blind review of submitted articles starts: August 2023
Review process finalized: December 2023

Special Issue will be scheduled for the first available quarter of 2024 release.

For more information and the submission procedure, please visit the official website of the journal.

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