Modern Planlama Sorunları Konferansı / 01 Kasım 2013
Modern Planlama Sorunları Konferansı


Doğu Akdeniz Akademik Araştırmalar Merkezi (DAKAM) tarafından ilk kez düzenlenen "Modern Planlama Sorunları Konferansı", 4-6 Kasım 2013 tarihlerinde İstanbul Üniversitesi Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi'nde gerçekleşecek.

Planlama sorunları hakkında dünyanın farklı ülkelerinden gelen çok sayıda akademisyenin sunum yapacağı konferansın önümüzdeki yıllarda da sürdürülmesi planlanıyor.

Etkinlik dili İngilizce olan konferansın programı şöyle:


08:30 Registration 
09:15 Opening Session Zeynep Güler
09:30 While My Informal Gently Weeps Erbatur Çavuşoğlu, Julia Strutz
09:45 Retaking Istanbul, Rethinking the City Nadia Nur
10:00 The Space of "Tactics": Un-cool Istanbul Asiye Akgün Gültekin, Erdem Üngür
10:15 Changing Space Experiences in Istanbul: Public Places and Everyday Life Emine Zeynep Güler
10:30 Discussion 
10:45 Coffee Break 
11:00 Housing Informality as Wicked Problems? Building Evidence for Better Practice Tendayi Gondo, James Chakwizira, Joseph Binala
11:15 A Mobility of One's Own. Explorations on Informality and Movement in the Milan Urban Region Giovanni Vecchio
11:30 Through the Bazaars of Mumbai; Informality a Critical Analysis (Dharavi, Mumbai) Sameera Rao, Ashlesha Kale
11:45 Discussion 
12:00 Lunch 
13:20 Urban Informality: A Critical Analysis of Dharavi (Mumbai) for Social Design Sameera Rao, Burcu Yiğit Turan
13:35 Landscape Strategies for Informal Settlements: Introducing Agro-puncture as Catalyst to Shape the Urban Form.  The Case of Këneta, Albania Valbona Koci
13:50 Arab Gulf Cities: Competing Identities of Cosmopolitanism vs. Localism Kawee Jarach, Mark Speece
14:05 Informal Space versus Formal Norm: Informal Settlement Populations' Perception of the Right to Adequate Housing Julia Cruz, Melissa Martins Casagrande
14:20 Discussion 
14:35 Coffee Break 
14:50 Neighborhood Vendors and the Internal Economy of the Slum: Informal Livelihoods Among the Chorinically Poor in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Laura Stark, Tiina-Riitta Lappi
15:05 The State-led Gentrification behind Commoditized Regeneration: The Clearance of Hua-Guang Community under the Neoliberal Collage from Taipei Wall Street to Taipei Roppongi I-Chih Lan
15:20 Food, Health and Labor: (im)migrant Agency in the Production of Informal Economic Systems in Mexico Lorena Munoz
15:35 Migrant Communities, Informality and the Challenge of Redevelopment Projects in Chinese Megacities Bettina Gransow
15:40 Discussion 
16:00 Coffee Break 
16:15 The state-led gentrification behind commoditized regeneration: The clearance of Hua-Guang community under the neoliberal collage from Taipei Wall Street to Taipei Roppongi I-Chih Lan, Chen-Jai Lee
16:30 The Condition of Informality: the Mechanism of Informal Activities in Structure of Governance, Autonomy and Places Yibo Xu
16:45 Corruption Affecting Cairo's Small Businesses in Formal and Informal Areas Ahmed Fayed


09:00 Virtual Presentation: Urban Sustainability and Connectivity in Gated Housing Compounds in Cairo Usama Nassar, Ahmad Fathi, Ahmed Saleh
09:15 Virtual Presentation: Living Bridges on The River Nile: A Vision to Enhance Urban Space Informality and Usage Usama Nassar, Ahmad Fathi, Ahmed Saleh
09:30 Virtual Presentation: Informal Public Space Design by Water Caterina Gallizioli
09:45 Virtual Presentation: Advantage of Lidar Profiling in Irregular Settlement Plinio Temba
10:00 Virtual Presentation: Social Capital and Morphology of Informality in the City of Queretaro Claudia Ortiz Chao, Miguel Angel Llamas Estrada, Stefania Biondi, Fabio Andreassi, Donato Di Ludovico
10:15 Urban Planning Failure and the Tale of Two Informal Neighbourhoods of Accra, Nima and Old Fadama: Same Outcome Separated by Time and Space? George Owusu, Joseph Teye, Mariama Awumbila
10:30 The Study of the Effects of Reciprocal Social and Economical Interactions in Habitants in Informal Habitants on Their Neighbouring Cities and Vice Versa: Zoor-Abad, Karaj Azam Afsharnia, Negar Namjoo, Zahra Tafreshi Rad
10:45 Promoting Spatial Diversity as A Tool to Improve Neighborhood's Livelihood through Informality: Case of  Keparakan District, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Jimly Al Faraby
11:00 Land Tenure and Informality in Dohfar, Oman Elnazir Ramadan
11:15 Discussion 
11:30 Coffee Break 
11:45 Informal Development in New Delhi - Evaluating the Operational Dimension of Policies, Plans and Projects Swati Kulashri
12:00 The Informality and the Urban Settlement in Indonesian Towns and Cities Teguh Utomo Atmoko
12:15 Social Practices in Housing Intermediate Outdoor Spaces between Formal Design and Informal use. Case of study: Mass Housing in Algeria. Wiem Zerouati, Tahar Bellal
12:30 The Dynamic Use of the Linear Urban Spaces with Special Reference to Cairo, Egypt Ayman Wanas
12:45 Discussion 
13:45 Lunch 
14:00 Informal Sectors and the "Lived Space" Under-threat, A Case of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong Chi Lap Jacky Lee
14:15 Trade and Collective Space in Santiago de Chile: Some Clues for Understanding the Contemporary Urban Space? Rocío Hidalgo
14:30 Housing Facilities for Collectors of Post-consumer Waste Clothing in Mumbai City Suman Mundkur
14:45 Markets and the Development of Oman's Urban Network Mark Speece
15:05 Discussion 
15:20 Coffee Break 
15:35 "We Work it Out": Informal Roma Settlements in Rome and the Limits of Tactical Urbanism Karen Bermann, Isabella Clough Marinaro
15:50 Comparative Study of Socio-spatial Segregation in Brazilian and Portuguese Cities: The Brazilian Legacy as Source of Analytical Concepts of Urban Informality Elena Tarsi
16:05 Crossing the Informal City: Traces between Cairo, Rome, Dar es Salaam Rossella Sordilli, Margherita Loddoni, Azzurra Sarnataro
16:20 The Use of Public Spaces in Naples. An Institutional Perspective Andrea Varriale
16:35 Discussion 
16:50 Informality in Public Places: Streets, Squares, Passages and Urban Niches -The Case of Kadikoy Ayşe Yücel
17:05 Occupy Urban Space: Dialectic of Formality and Informality in Greece in the Era of Crisis Charalampos Tsavdaroglou, Vasiliki Makrygianni
17:20 Discussion 
17:35 Discussion for Poster Presentations 
 Poster Presentation: Knowledge and Attitudes of Breast-self Examination among Kuwaitis' Women Maha Al-sejari
 Poster Presentation: The Creative City: An "Idea" or a Design Tool: The Case Study of Barcelona Eleni Gkoltsiou


09:00 The Post-Socialist Urban Restructuring in Romania: A Global Perspective on the Main Changes in the Romanian Cities Ioan Sebastian Jucu
09:15 Virtual Presentation: Urban Informality and Place Making in the "Gray Zones" of Urban Turkey Ilgın Erdem
09:30 Virtual Presentation: Form and Reality Marco Antonio Pulido
09:45 Virtual Presentation: Informal Economy as a Necesary Condition for Contemporary Accumulation Patterns. Lucas Cifuentes, Daniel Pérez
10:00 Gray Spacing: Informality and the Transformation of Urban Regimes Oren Yiftachel
10:30 Outruling Semi-formal Rules in Urban Development: A New Phase in the Commodification of Urban Space Elvan Gülöksüz
10:45 Beyond the Dichotomy Between Formality and Informality: Imagining a New Policy Approach in Urban Deprived Areas. The French and Italian Cases Carolina Mudan Marelli, Luca Daconto
11:00 Issue of contemporary urban planning Pasquale Mistretta, Sonia Pintus
11:15 Discussion 
11:30 Coffee Break 
11:45 Informality as Spatial Policy Erez Tzfadia
12:00 Informality: A Landscape Design Strategy A. Burcu Serdar Köknar, Meltem Erdem
12:15 Rubber Homes, Towards Integrating the Informal Into Architectural Practice Valeria Federighi
12:30 Discussion 
12:45 Lunch 
13:45 The Ambiguous Images of Kampungs and Kota: Conflict or Difference? Antony Sihombing
14:00 Urban Informality and the Struggle for Rights: the Sinuous Road to Citizenship Jan van Ballegooijen, Roberto Rocco
14:15 Urban Management a Means to Fight Against Social Segregation and Urban Insecurity Samia Rebouh, Khadidja Boughazi
14:30 Everyday Activities Capable of Hope: Informal Living and Urban Policies Maddalena Rossi, Chiara Belingardi
14:45 Discussion 
15:05 Coffee Break 
15:20 The Fault-lines of Informality: Document(ed) Claims to Entitlement in Urban Poor Spaces Tarangini Sriraman
15:35 Urbanization and Seismic Risk : Cross Review on the City of Algiers Khadidja Boughazi , Messaoud Aiche, Rebouh Samia
15:50 A Concise Critique on Informal Land Use in Athenian Suburbs: The Restrictions and the Potential ofLocal Authorities and National Policies. Efthimios Bakogiannis, Siti Maria
16:05 Discussion 
16:20 Coffee Break 
16:35 Corruption Affecting Cairo's Small Businesses in Formal and Informal Areas Ahmed Fayed
16:50 Promotion of Best Practices in Self-Help housing in Colombia. Acknowledging Realities and Overcoming Paradigms.  Carlos Fernando Agudelo, Luz Amparo Mendez
17:05 "Nomadism or Segregation? New Planning Issues in Hidden Neighborhoods" Simonetta Armondi
17:20 Typo Morphological Reading of auto-built Habitat: Case of Menaa, Region of the Aures Djemaa Barrou, Akila Benbouaziz,  Djamal Alkama


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